VBH thrashes Ford Mustang Boss 302 at Le Mans for Fifth Gear

Just a few days ago, we brought you footage of Fifth Gear hostess Vicki Butler-Henderson flogging the Ferrari 458 Spider along the hills outside Maranello. Epic, to be sure, but is Ferrari the only show in town? Of course not.

Many have challenged the legendary Italian marque over the years, but among the proudest moments – for Americans, at least – was when Ford, still reeling from a snubbed takeover deal with old man Enzo himself, took to Le Mans to take on Ferrari.

The showdown went down in the books as one of the most grueling battles in motorsport history. And now Vicki has relived the experience by taking one of Ford's latest performance machines – the Mustang Boss 302 – down to La Sarthe to take on a few Prancing Horses of her own. She may cite some tired chapter and verse from The Standard List of British Complaints About American Cars, but Butler-Henderson still seems to enjoy herself a great deal. Follow the jump to watch the segment.

FG20-02-2 by Veedubalmighty

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