Cordon multi-target speed camera is terrifying

We're not big fans of speed cameras. The tickets are expensive, there is no facing the accuser, there are questions of accuracy, and in some cases, these cameras don't even appear to be helping out the governments that install them financially. And don't even get us started about many cases in which red light signals are manipulated to increase ticket counts. While we'd like for these cameras to go the way of the dodo, the fact is that these devices are only getting better.

The latest device to strike fear in motorists is Simicon's Cordon seen in action here. This device will be able to follow up to 32 vehicles across four lanes at the same time. It can deliver both wide-angle and close-up shots of every car, and it can simultaneously gauge speed and map vehicle position. It even has an available advanced license plate recognition system. Sound scary? It gets worse. The Cordon is also more difficult to spot, as it can be mounted on a tripod or road sign. The devices will be easy to update as well, as it can use WiFi, 3G or WiMAX to quickly sync with databases.

Cordon isn't on U.S. streets yet, but our sister site, Engadget, says that the devices will begin landing in North America by the first quarter of 2012. Hit the jump to watch video of the Cordon in action during a field trial, and feel free to join us in fear.

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