Winnipeg authorities are all "Lookie! Crashes are down at the intersections equipped with our spiffy new red-light cameras," but Manitoba Public Insurance and the Winnipeg Sun newspaper are all: "Stop lying!" Winnipeg says its 12 intersections equipped with the electronic sentinels have seen a 37% reduction in crashes since 2002. MPI and the WInnipeg Sun beg to differ, however, saying that insurance claims tell a markedly different, more complete story.
Part of the disparity can be attributed to the fact that collisions causing damage under $1,000 don't have to be reported to the police, but claims for those incidents are usually still submitted to insurance. According to the newspaper, the city's use of incomplete statistics to spin data the way it chooses has been going on for a while – it was flagged for the practice in a 2006 finding, and the figures that Manitoba Public Insurance reports figures some 66% higher than the city's figures. To hear the Sun tell it, the government's interest in photo radar appears to continue unabated as long as the money keeps rolling in, and skewed statistics only help make the case for the enforcement technology.

[Source: Winnipeg Sun | Image: Corrections Ontario]

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