71 drivers cross a defective bridge every second... in Chicago [w/video]

A new study conducted by Transportation for America has discovered that approximately 70,000 bridges in the United States are structurally deficient, meaning that an engineer has identified a significant defect in the structure's support or decking. That's a large number, but perhaps more shocking is the fact that the study indicates that every second, 71 drivers in Chicago drive over one of those derelict crossings. The study found that approximately 10 percent of the city's bridges are in need of significant repair, which equates to around 400 structurally deficient bridges all together.

According to Gideon Blustein, executive director of the Infrastructure Council at the Illinois Chamber of Commerce, Chicago may be in danger of losing its reputation as a hub of transportation unless the government invests in its aging infrastructure.

Transportation for America says that to catch up on the nation's back log of repairs would cost approximately $70 billion. Now, here's where we're confused. Unemployment is at record levels and our nation is in desperate need of infrastructure repair. According to Chicago Federation of Labor President Jorge Ramirez, $1.25 billion spent on transportation generates approximately 35,000 jobs. Seems like a two-bird, one-stone scenario to us. Hit the jump for a quick video.

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