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11-foot-8 ’can opener’ railroad bridge in N.C. will be raised

Thanks to the videos chronicling the truck crashes, not everyone is cheering

A Range Rover and a Jaguar turned into instant convertibles by bridge

Having a bad day? Well, it could be worse ...

Having a bad day? Well, it could be worse ...

Watch dump truck with raised trailer smack bridge at highway speed

The thing's really hauling, too

What happens when a raised dump trailer full of canola seed collides with a bridge in the rain at highway speeds? Watch to find out.

Find out which bridges near you are 'structurally deficient'

Almost 10 percent of all bridges in America are in need of repair or replacement.

In 23 states, over 9 percent of bridges require repair.

Cop helps woman overcome her fear of driving over bridges

This cop was like a bridge over troubled water for a scared driver.

This terrifying bridge in Japan isn't as bad as it looks

Scariest bridge in the world continues to be scary.

An army of Chinese excavators demolished an overpass in one night

When it comes to infrastructure work, the Chinese go big.

Norway's underwater traffic solution: a series of tubes

A project to build the first underwater bridges will cost $25 billion and be completed by 2035.

Volvo SUV drives across glass bridge to prove its safety

The world's longest and highest glass bridge was put to the test yet again in a public safety demonstration in preparation for its grand opening.

SoCal car culture bids farewell to an LA motoring landmark

It had a good run, but after 84 years, LA's iconic 6th Street Bridge is being torn down and replaced with a new structure. Magnus Walker gathered members of Southern California's legendary car culture to say goodbye.

107-year-old bridge demolished in Pittsburgh

A large crowd gathered in Pittsburgh on Tuesday morning to say good by to the 107-year-old Hulton Bridge.

How a series of bad choices led to the collapse of this historic bridge

A truck driver attempted to cross a historic bridge in Indiana on Christmas Day only to find a 136-year-old bridge that was no match for her 21.5-ton truck.

Range Rover drives across paper bridge to mark 45th birthday

Land Rover celebrates the Range Rover's 45th anniversary this year. To honor of the event, the British automaker commissioned a bridge made out of tightly packed sheets of paper in China and drove the luxury SUV across it.

Massachusetts' low-clearance East Street Bridge is a truck killer

The East Street Railroad Bridge in Westwood, MA, loves to destroy the roofs of truck when drivers think that they can make it under. The span has caught out many inattentive people over the years.

Distracted driver jumps car over drawbridge

A Florida man achieved every aspiring stunt driver's dream when he accidentally jumped a drawbridge this week.

$20M Italian bridge collapses within days of opening

An Italian bridge collapsed a mere 10 days after opening to traffic, leaving four people with minor injuries and government officials with plenty of questions.

Man Dies After Driving Camaro Off Bridge

Police investigating cause, drag racing suspected

Police in New York are investigating whether a man was drag racing when he drove his Camaro off a bridge and died.

Interstate Closed After Bridge Sags Over River In Wisconsin

Bridge carries Interstate 43 over river into Green Bay

A bridge that carries more than 40,000 cars per day over the Fox River in Green Bay, Wisconsin, has been closed indefinitely after part of the crossing sagged early Wednesday morning.

America's Bridges Are Crumbling

More than 80,000 bridges across the United States are in dire need of repair.

More than 80,000 bridges across the United States are in dire need of repair.

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