For the sake of this post, let's say that your average passenger car can hit a top speed of about 120 miles per hour. Ever wonder what would happen if a run-of-the-mill car – even one that's considered safe by modern passenger-car standards – crashed into an oncoming replica of itself?

The blokes from Fifth Gear wanted to find out, so they procured an older Ford Focus, which is importantly just the kind of car you're likely to come across on your daily commute, and rammed it into an unmovable object at 120 miles per hour. That's the equivalent of two Focus hatchbacks colliding, both having been traveling at something close to their top speeds.

You probably know what's coming: One very big bang. And you'd be right. But you might be at least a wee bit surprised by the sheer amount of devastation inflicted on the poor Focus. Want to watch? Click past the jump... unless, as Fifth Gear says, you've got a 'dicky ticker.'

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Ford Focus

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