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2012 Toyota Hilux proves it's as tough and unbreakable as ever

Top Gear showed us just how sturdy the Toyota Hilux pickup truck can be. The plucky Brit trio put one poor truck through a series of increasingly harder challenges until they finally strapped it to the roof of a building destined to be demolished. After pulling it off the pile of rubble that used to be an apartment building, the Hilux was eventually started up, and later driven into the Top Gear studio. Needless to say, this is one tough truck we're talking about here.

Toyota knows its latest Hilux is tough, too, and the automaker has decided to play up this angle for a new series of commercial spots running in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Seeking to show just how unbreakable and manly its pickup is, the machine is put through its paces over hill and dale, from the desert to the top of snow-capped mountains... and it meets some strange blokes along the way.

It's also so manly that it even makes dainty women into something barely removed from... well, her husband. Click past the jump to see for yourself.

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