Roush fires up Stage 3 Hyper-Series Ford Mustang for 2012

A Roush-tuned Ford Mustang is a modern muscle car gone manic. Our own Drew Phillips recently got to spend time with the 540-horsepower 2012 Roush RS3, which straddles the performance line between the Boss 302 and the Shelby GT500. If you like the sound of that but are looking to get a vehicle that's even more exclusive, Roush now has you covered with its RS3 Hyper-Series.

The Hyper-Series cars have everything that the standard Roush RS3 wears as far as performance upgrades go. The Roush team decided to dress these coupes up a step further, however, by offering one of four unique exterior graphic and interior color treatments. Buyers can choose between Mat It Mango, Gas It Green, Punch It Purple and Launch It Lemon. On the outside, a corresponding color stripe accompanies the side graphic while the interior receives matching suede door panels, shift boot stitching and a pair of shift knobs. One knob is black while the other matches the color choice of the vehicle.

Roush is only building 25 of each version, and each vehicle gets a unique serial number as well. The Hyper-Series hits the market beginning in October 2011. Check out the limited-edition 2012 Roush RS3 Hyper-Series Mustang in the gallery.
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ROUSH Performance announces exclusive 2012 ROUSH Stage 3 Mustang Hyper-Series vehicle package

September 19, 2011 (Plymouth Township, MI):
Lively. Tireless. Active. Fierce. Excited. The vehicle design team at ROUSH Performance
continues to build on their theme of DETROIT MUSCLE | REDEFINED by launching a limited
quantity of ROUSH Stage 3 (RS3) Mustangs aptly defined as the Hyper-Series.

The 2012 ROUSH Stage 3 Mustang is powered by a 50-state legal TVS 2.3L ROUSHcharger®
system that delivers over 540HP and 465 ft/lbs of torque. The powertrain works in concert with
the ROUSH-calibrated suspension that lowers the Mustang by almost an ince, and enables the
vehicle to pull over 1G of lateral force on a dry skid pad. The ROUSH-tuned performance
exhaust delivers a throaty growl that let's everyone know that you're piloting some Detroit

The Hyper-Series builds on the ROUSH Stage 3's horsepower and handling by offering a set of
four limited edition appearance packages. "The 2012 RS3 Mustang has been a big hit with our
customers and enthusiasts. Not just because of the RS3's power and handling performance,
but also because of the 288 graphics and paint color combinations that can be selected," says
Gary Jurick, VP and General Manager of ROUSH Performance. "The Hyper-Series introduces
four spectacular and unique graphics and interior colors that provide a customized appearance
to the RS3."

Each 2012 RS3 Hyper-Series Mustang comes standard with black body paint as the base. The
Hyper-Series palette includes these four color options: "Mat It Mango", "Gas It Green", "Punch
It Purple", and "Launch It Lemon". For the 2012 model year, ROUSH Performance will only
build twenty-five vehicles of each color. Vehicles will be serialized as ROUSH certified builds,
and will be numbered as per their production spot for each Hyper-Series color (ie: "Vehicle #12
of 25 – Mat It Mango").

"The materials used in the Hyper-Series graphics really allow these unique colors to pop and
dance in the changing sunlight," continues Gary Jurick. "The primary graphic color is hyper
black, to compliment the hyper black wheels, and then the graphics accent stripe appears in the
selected Hyper-Series color." This color is then applied to the exterior graphics, badges, and
rear faux gas cap. The dynamic accent color also carries through the interior on the suede door panels, leather seating, and the shift boot stitching.

Each 2012 RS3 Hyper-Series Mustang comes with two shifter balls that are easily swapped out
depending on the mood of the driver. "The Hyper-Series shifter ball color really 'pops' as you
view the interior of one of these Hyper-Series RS3's!" says Jurick. "We decided to include a
second shifter ball that's a bit more conservative, if preferred."

The 2012 RS3 Hyper-Series includes a suede-wrapped steering wheel to add a comfortable feel
while driving a performance car. Finally, each new RS3 Hyper-Series owner will receive a
unique accessories package including ROUSH apparel and display items to commemorate their
serialized Hyper-Series vehicle.

The Hyper-Series RS3 is covered by a 3-year/36,000-mile warranty and is currently available
with a 6-speed manual transmission only. For more information and retail package pricing on
the 2012 ROUSH Hyper-Series Stage 3, log on to

DETROIT MUSCLE | REDEFINED. The 2012 ROUSH Stage 3 Hyper-Series available from
ROUSH Performance beginning in October, 2011

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