Watch time-lapse build of Audi's massive temporary display hall in Frankfurt

We've walked through many auto show displays over the years, and while we can appreciate all the hard work that goes into making them happen, we rarely reflect on it. Having said that, it isn't often that we come across a display that is as impressive as the temporary one built by Audi for the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show. And when we say "built," we're talking about a ground-up structure that is as attractive as it is massive. If it wasn't clear before you watched the video, it should be afterwards: Auto shows are big business, and Audi is seemingly hellbent on reminding Europe that it's now the largest purveyor of luxury rides on the continent.

Audi apparently also knows that the stand-alone building it constructed for the show is impressive, because the luxury make pointed a time-lapse camera at the construction site and placed the resulting video on YouTube for the world to see. Hit the jump to watch for yourself as 52 days of breakneck building is compressed into two minutes of wow. If only our road crews could work this fast.

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