Take a trip around the 'Ring in a Honda-powered Mini Clubman

Sometimes, the key to a good lap time is to drive in such a way as to not lose the hard-fought momentum you've already gained. Such is the case when you don't have a lot of power underhood and you've got more road-holding grip than horsepower.

For an excellent demonstration of this technique, we turn to Achim Korden, owner of the so-called Ringmini. This 1971 Mini Clubman Estate is powered by a 1.6-liter Honda four-cylinder engine from a fourth-generation Civic ED7. Suffice it to say, it's a revver that likes to spin as fast as you're willing to push it.

Click past the break to see what one Honda-powered Mini Clubman, piloted by a driver who knows his way around the Nurburgring, can do around what appears to be a somewhat slippery and damp track. Pay special attention to how much time the little Mini-that-could spends at top speed.

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