Lincoln gets its own design team and studio within Ford

Ford has big plans for Lincoln. The luxury brand from Dearborn has been producing solid machinery as of late, but its vehicles often seem to get lost in the shuffle. The cars look too much like their Ford-branded siblings, and that means a major injection of new style is in order, and quick. That's just what Ford has in mind, and Lincoln will now have its own in-house design studio working right alongside the product development team.

Our friends at Autoline Daily got a sneak peak of the future styling and, while they can't reveal anything yet, say that Lincoln is moving into a design space of its own. The automaker will utilize fresh styling alongside Lincoln-specific interiors and powertrains. Autoline says that the new engine and transmission options will also result in huge jumps in fuel economy. New styling, upgraded interiors and more efficient vehicles? Sounds like a smart plan, and it shows that Ford understands that Lincoln needs help.

It's also worth noting that Ford recently announced a $1 billion investment into the improvement of the Lincoln brand. It seems we'll have Lincolns to get excited about in as little as three to four years.

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