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Looking back at the Citation IV concept that likely shaped the GM EV1

How Chevy's Time In The Wind Tunnel Taught GM An Aero Lesson

Those who forget history are condemned to repeat it. We're not sure how that applies to the GM

Grand Theft Auto goes high-tech in the digital age

Modern Car Thieves Outsmart The Law By Cloning

Ford discloses more details on Lincoln's transformation

This is going to be a serious effort, and the early signs are encouraging. The Ford Motor Company is finally marshaling the resources and money to transform Lincoln into a true luxury brand again. While the

Lincoln gets its own design team and studio within Ford

Ford has big plans for Lincoln. The luxury brand from Dearborn has been producing solid machinery as of late, but its vehicles often seem to get lost in the shuffle. The cars look too much like their Ford-branded siblings, and that means a major injection of new style is in order, and quick. That's just what Ford has in mind, and Lincoln will now have its own in-house design studio working right alon

The Amazingly Stupid Detroit City Council - Autoline on Autoblog with John McElroy

Nobody reading this blog needs to be told how much trouble Detroit is in. Whether it's the Detroit Three, the city of Detroit, or the greater Detroit area, the story's the same: we're in trouble!

A New Kind of Cop Car, A New Kind of Business Model - Autoline with John McElroy

Autoblog has followed the developments at Carbon Motors ever since the start-up unveiled its new police cruiser a year and a half ago. And while the car looks impressively good, what makes this company worth watching goes well beyond the product. Carbon has come up with a business model that could let it carve out a profitable chunk of the automotive market that, up to now, was always controlled

Autoline Daily LIVE webcast with Ford Chief Economist Ellen Hughes-Cromwick

Today at 12:00PM EST, John McElroy of Autoline Daily is hosting a special live webcast with guest Ford Motor Co. Chief Economist Ellen Hughes-Cromwick. She and John will be discussing her forecast for the American economy and outlook on the automotive market. We've embedded the live webcast John Neff

Ford Report: Diesel vs. HCCI vs. Stratified Charge - Autoline with John McElroy

To hear Ford's CTO tell it, all these painful layoffs and budget cuts going on at the company can actually be beneficial. "It gets you really focused on what's really necessary," says Gerhard Schmidt, the Chief Technology Officer at Ford.