Fiat commences 500 national media onslaught [w/video]

Fiat 500 marketing collateral
Fiat 500 marketing collateral
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No new car launch would be complete without a corresponding marketing campaign. But when that launch and campaign are heralding the return of a famed automaker and nameplate to the American market after decades of absence, the marketing team is likely to be an especially important part of the overall success of launch... at least at the outset.

Such is the case with Fiat, which recently reentered the U.S. market by way of its bailout of struggling Chrysler. The car on which Fiat is banking its initial hopes on is the diminutive 500 and 500C convertible, and it's launching with a new tagline: Simply More. We'll let Fiat itself explain:

The FIAT brand's new tagline, "Simply More," defines the Fiat 500 as everything you need and nothing you don't. It represents the notion that the simple things in life are treasures, alongside the thought that the richness and fullness of a life well-lived is defined by one's view of self-expression.

Simply More... seems like a fine tagline to us, we're just glad someone was around to explain its meaning to us. In any case, expect to see this new marketing campaign in every facet of your life. In addition to the television spot you can see after the break, Fiat will also focus on print advertising, outdoor billboards, digital and social media and event sponsorships.

Check out some of the one-page ads in our image gallery, and check out the brand's first U.S. television commercial after the break.

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