Marchionne creates unified management team to oversee Fiat and Chrysler

"We have now reached the right moment to step on the accelerator of the Fiat-Chrysler integration," Sergio Marchionne said this week in a statement regarding his appointment of a single management team for both companies. According to Automotive News, four regional chiefs – North America, South America, Europe and Asia – will be in charge of Fiat and Chrysler effective September 1.

Marchionne will retain his position as Chief Operating Officer for North America. Gianni Coda, Fiat's head of purchasing, will now run the operations in Europe, while Cledorvino Belini – formerly the head of Fiat Brazil – will take charge of South America. Michael Manley, head of Jeep, will oversee up Asia.

The newly formed Group Executive Council (GEC) is the highest decision-making executive body within the company, outside of its Board of Directors. In addition to the four regional COOs, each individual brand will have its own head, consisting of Olivier Francois (Fiat), Lorenzo Sistino (commercial vehicles), Harald Wester (Alfa Romeo/Abarth/Maserati), Saad Chehab (Lancia/Chrysler), Michael Manley (Jeep) and Reid Bigland (Dodge).

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