CHiPs veteran Erik Estrada warns Californians to avoid Carmageddon

Erik Estrada Carmageddon PSA – Click above to watch the videos after the jump

Residents of the metropolitan Los Angeles area have been bracing for what's been dubbed Carmageddon. No, not the video game from the late '90s, but the scheduled closure of Interstate 405 over the course of this weekend.

The temporary shutdown of the hugely busy 10-mile stretch of highway is being effected so that it can be widened to ease traffic congestion, including the demolition and reconstruction of the Mulholland Bridge and the addition of a carpool lane.

Such a big move obviously needs to be brought to public attention, and to that end, Caltrans – the California Department of Transportation – brought in no less suitable a celebrity than Erik Estrada, best known for his role as California Highway Patrol officer Frank Poncharello on the TV show CHiPs. Estrada reportedly did the Public Service Announcements for free in English and Spanish, both of which you can view after the jump (we snuck in a video of the CHiPs intro sequence for you nostalgic types, too).

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