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Drunk doofus falls out of truck, gets foot caught in steering wheel

Yep, the headline and picture pretty much take care of this one

Yep, the headline and picture pretty much take care of this one.

Los Angeles police endanger the public with high-speed chases, grand jury says

Innocent people are being endangered, injured, and killed.

Watch motorcyclist kick moving car, trigger chain-reaction crash

Truck flips, motorcyclist keeps going.

California road rage at its finest.

California Highway Patrol powers up with Charger Pursuits

Look out. There's a new Mopar sheriff in town.

Watch Jay Leno drive an ex-highway patrol '61 Dodge Polara

For his latest episode, Jay Leno checks out a thoroughly restored 1961 Dodge Polara police cruiser once used by the California Highway Patrol.

Motorcyclist lucky to escape with life after 100-mph crash

The rider was running from police at the time of the accident.

A motorcycle rider in San Diego is lucky to be alive after leading police on a high-speed chase that ended when the bike collided with a car at over 100 mph.

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Here's what it's like to drive the very first Ford Mustang cop car

Cop cars are cool. Ford Mustang cop cars are even cooler. That's why Road and Track scribe Zach Bowman sought out the very first Mustang SSP for a must-read feature.

Dax Shepard, Michael Pena to star in CHiPs movie

Hollywood seems to be all about adapting TV shows from the '70s and '80s into movies these days. Starsky & Hutch was turned into a movie. So were The Dukes of Hazzard, Miami Vice and The A-Team. We could go on, but you get the point. The one project that seems to keep stalling, though, is CHiPS, but that's now apparently been shifted into overdrive.

CHP seizes medical records of woman seen repeatedly struck by officer [w/video]

In early July, a video of Marlene Pinnock being struck repeatedly by a patrolman on the side of a Los Angeles Interstate stirred allegations of police brutally against the California Highway Patrol. Pinnock was reportedly walking in traffic on the freeway when a CHP officer responded to the scene. According to police, she resisted arrest, and a passing motorist filmed a portion of the ensuing altercation that left the woman in

Investigators blame speed in fatal Paul Walker crash

When the tragic news first came in that actor Paul Walker had been killed in a car crash, family, friends and fans were left searching for answers. They now have at least one key question answered, with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department blaming "unsafe speed" for the fatal accident.

Watch firefighter get detained by cops for parking firetruck at accident

An accident involving a car that had overturned while heading northbound on I-805 in Chula Vista, CA, took a strange turn on Tuesday when news cameras on the scene captured a police officer placing handcuffs on a firefighter and putting him in the back of a California Highway Patrol cruiser. Reports indicate that the officer had asked the firefighter to move his fire engine from the No. 1 lane on southbound I-805, and he refused.

Snake In A Car Catches Driver By Surprise

A California woman manages to pull over after finding a large snake in her car

A California woman gets an unwelcome surprise slithering around her leg while driving down the freeway

LA Design Challenge entrants take CHiPs to 2025

This year's theme for the LA Design Challenge was announced back in September and focuses on creating a "Highway Patrol Vehicle 2025," and with the Jon and Ponch long into retirement, we get our first glimpse of what a CHiPs of the future might look like. BMW,

Highway patrol car of the future picked as this year's LA Auto Show Design Challenge theme

For the last nine years, the Los Angeles Auto Show Design Challenge has been part of the LA Auto Show, pitting design studios from around the world against each other in a forward-thinking competition.

Ponch Approved? California chooses Ford Explorer Police Interceptor as next patrol car

How many cops does it take to choose a new police car? In California, the answer is four. But this is also a trick question, because the California Highway Patrol didn't choose a car to replace its aging Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptors – it chose an SUV. That's right, Cali 5-0 will be rolling in the Ford Explorer starting this fall.

Video: San Francisco's 1989 Earthquake from the CHP's point of view

CHP responds to the '89 San Francisco Earthquake – Click above to watch video after the jump

CHP report seemingly sides with Sikes on case of the Runaway Prius

In reality, the California Highway Patrol isn't taking sides with anyone regarding the recent speeding Prius of Jim Sikes. But the CHP doesn't see any reason to doubt Sikes' version of events that led to his hybrid reaching speeds of around 90 miles per hour, apparently unable to bring the barreling vehicle to a stop. Also of note is the fact that a Border Patrol agent had also responded a

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