Ford uses dog-powered Rube Goldberg device to demonstrate C-Max park assist

Ford C-Max Commercial - Click above to watch video after the jump

Ford has you covered if you're needing a video fur fix. The automaker has turned to a canine-powered Rube Goldberg device to help demonstrate the park assist system on its C-Max people mover. A pack of talented dogs play integral parts in a mechanism that unfurls a banner announcing the MPV's talents. Along the way, there are Hot Wheels cars, Nerf arrows and even a big wheel tricycle. We're not entirely sure what dogs and toys have to do with parallel parking, but we aren't in advertising, either.

To our eyes, this spot lacks the clever simplicity of the groundbreaking 'Cog' ad from Honda a few years back, and we're apparently not artistic enough to know why the colors in the video are so washed out (okay, so it's probably just a bad copy), but the good news is that it's still entertaining to watch a scruffy mutt parallel park a C-Max. Hit the jump to check out the video for yourself.

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