Stay a Hero, Stay Safe campaign for motorcycle safety hits a familiar note

Stay A Hero, Stay Safe ad – Click above to watch the video after the jump

Remember the Embrace Life seatbelt advocacy ad? The spot, which was created by The Sussex Safer Roads Partnership, featured a man driving an imaginary vehicle, and when he braced for impact (in his living room), his wife and daughter rushed to form a seatbelt. The safety ad went viral almost immediately, with over 13.7 million YouTube views to date, while at the same time really driving home the fact that safety belts saves lives. A truly beautiful effort.

The Sussex team is looking to strike gold once again with a new spot, this time taking aim at motorcyclists in a new commercial about motorcycle safety. The ad, titled "Stay a Hero, Stay Safe," doesn't have quite the same impact as the Embrace Live commercial, but it's still worth watching. Hit the jump to see for yourself.

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