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Two Wheels
Bike life: the present and near future of cycling in the news

A new approach to bikesharing, bike safety research, best practices for bike lanes and a building made for bikes.

Donkey Republic app offers a new approach to bikesharing. Bikesharing is safer than ownership. PSU develops best practices for protected bike lanes. Oslo's bike-friendly office building is super green.

Australia takes the fear approach to motorcycle safety [w/poll]

Safety advocacy is a touchy subject when it comes to the motoring world. After all, everyone has heard the warnings about buckling up, drinking and driving, and more recently, the dangers of distracted driving. And while we applaud the intent of these messages, we can't help but have our doubts about how effective most of these campaigns are. Still, there are many different approaches to the road safety public service announcement genre, and we've seen a few genuinely stirring takes on the matte

VIDEO: Thermahelm motorcycle helmet is swell. Err... not swell

Thermahelm helmet animation - Click above to watch the video after the break

One explanation for fewer bikes on the roads: fear of cars

Now and again I let slip in my posts that I'm a guy who bikes to run errands. There's nothing bad about using a bike for getting around, especially in a city. But, like motorcyclers and scooter drivers, you're a lot more exposed to the environment on two wheels than in four. And the results of being hit by a car are not pr