Land Rover launches Being Henry interactive film series to promote Evoque

The trailer to Being Henry – Click above to watch video after the jump

Telly is all grown up. Or, at least the actor that protrayed him in the film Kids is. Leo Fitzpatrick, who also portrayed drug addict Johnny Weeks on The Wire, has decided to go in a different direction for Land Rover's new interactive film Being Henry.

The spot was created by Land Rover as a unique means to tout the many personalization options for its new Evoque. Directed by Nick Gordon, Being Henry allows the viewer to jump into the story and take control of Henry's actions. The result is an engaging, humorous and very different way for an automaker to advertise a product.

Once you reach the end of your decision making process, "the voice" comes in and shows you what type of Evoque fits the decisions you make. We will warn you that some of the language is certainly not safe for work, but the film is definitely worth a few moments of your time. Click past the jump to view a trailer of the film. After that, head over to the Being Henry website to start your journey.

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• Land Rover releases its first ever fully interactive online film starring actor Leo Fitzpatrick from 'The Wire'
• Award winning director Nick Gordon directs 'choose your own adventure' film about choices to showcase exciting new levels of personalization for latest Land Rover model, the Range Rover Evoque
• A fun, lateral and innovative way to talk to consumers about choices, 'Being Henry' is the latest offering from the Range Rover Evoque Pulse of the City project
• International cast features global Range Rover influencers in first-ever film roles: fashion journalist and television personality Louise Roe, chef Peter Evans, music producer Sergio Cerruti and DJ Greg Kozo

MAHWAH, NJ – May 5, 2011 – Today, Land Rover will push the boundaries of its traditional customer communication with the latest offering from its Range Rover Evoque Pulse of the City project; an interactive Hollywood inspired film about choices.

Filmed in Los Angeles and unprecedented in scope and creativity, 'Being Henry' is a fun, interactive and engaging film that brings to life the unparalleled variety of options available with the Range Rover Evoque. Just like the Range Rover Evoque has been developed to stand out from the crowd, the film presents the consumer with a number of unexpected and exhilarating adventures to engage with, inviting them into the urban world of the Pulse of the City.

Based on the original 'choose your own adventure' style of storytelling but bringing this concept into the digital age, the film takes the consumer on a wild journey during which they are invited to make choices for the character that consequently decide his outcome. With nine different storylines and 32 unique endings, the variety of choices and diverse consequences that occur ultimately result in the creation of the consumers 'subconscious' perfect Range Rover Evoque.

"I am really inspired by projects that push digital boundaries, and in creating interactive work that is designed to emotionally and creatively engage rather than be purely driven by technology, says Gordon." As a director I want to explore interactive pieces that are also filmic. Range Rover's commitment to one of the most adventurous collaborations I have ever been part of has been incredible, and 'Being Henry' has been a real learning curve for me on how creative interactivity is the future of really engaging with and respecting consumers."

The story begins with its hero Henry, an everyman-type character who has to make various decisions during his journey that lead him into different realities. It is made immediately apparent to the consumer that they are in control of how Henry carries out his day, and via a voiceover that guides them through the film, they are presented with a number of life-changing choices. Will they choose to shoot rats with Grandma? Or lead Henry to be kidnapped then tortured with a harpoon gun?

Cleverly, the film takes the choices that the consumer makes on behalf of Henry and translates them seamlessly into their perfect Evoque. Through subtle color, situational and emotional references, the film effectively takes elements of the consumers personality and uses them to present them with their fully personalized car.

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