PSA: If you're contesting a 144-mph speeding ticket, don't brag about your car's speed in a classified ad

Getting out of a 144-mph speeding ticket is undoubtedly a very tough business. Unless you have some very compelling evidence that the radar gun failed or the authorities were out to get you, your chances are likely rather grim.

Getting out of a 144-mph speeding ticket by claiming your car can't go that fast, while simultaneously advertising said car for sale as a 420-horsepower turbocharged barnstormer, however, is a great way to guarantee you will lose. According to the Niagara Falls Review, a man from Canada has done just that.

Police say the 23-year-old was clocked at 144 mph on a public street on what they describe as bald tires. Judging by his speed and reported $25k worth of upgrades, we'd guess we were dealing with a Dodge Neon SRT-4, likely on racing-compound tires.

The alleged perp is trying to avoid the hefty $3,651 speeding ticket by claiming that his Dodge Neon is a crap can econobox incapable of such velocity. Problem is, he has the car for sale, advertising its $25,000 in upgrades, including a "Stage 3" turbocharged engine. The car also sports a fully-customized suspension and upgraded brakes. As many a weekend racer and enthusiast knows, the SRT-4 is one of the all-time great bargain-basement performers on the track and off, and we wouldn't doubt its potential to nudge well beyond 144 mph. Asking price for this dangerous Dodge? Try $9,900. Hat tip to David!

[Source: Niagara Falls Review]

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