Video: Is Chevy readying a mid-size SUV on its new Colorado pickup?

Mystery Chevy SUV prototypes – Click above to watch the video after the jump

Crossovers have gained the lion's share of America's utility attention over the past few years, but the SUV is anything but dead and gone. Until gas prices began to spike, those surviving body-on-frame (br)utes were actually selling fairly well. So is General Motors kicking itself for ending Trailblazer production instead of refreshing it? New spy video from Inside Line suggests that The General may have another off-road- and tow-ready utility vehicle on the way.

The post-jump video shows a pair of mid-size SUVs that appear to be based off the 2013 Chevrolet Colorado, a prototype of which also makes a cameo in the video. Judging by the chunky-looking running boards and solid rear axles, these prototypes are definitely SUVs and not tall cars. The heavily camouflaged vehicles appear to be tall and very square in appearance, and the shape of the Chevrolet grille appears pominently despite efforts to conceal its identity. Inside Line speculates that the finished product will likely hit the world stage in the next year, with production likely for 2013, though just because these prototypes were spotted around Detroit is no guarantee that the model will find its way into U.S. showrooms.

If such a vehicle were to arrive stateside, we expect GM to improve fuel economy with small engine options and perhaps a truck version of the company's eAssist hybrid technology. Hit the jump to watch the spy video for yourself. Top tip, Ed!

Chevrolet Colorado-based SUV: Spy Shots
Chevrolet Colorado-based SUV: Spy Shots
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[Source: Inside Line | Photos: KGP Photography]

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