Chrysler seeks injunction to stop sale of 'Imported from Detroit' shirts

Chrysler has asked a judge to enforce a preliminary injunction to prevent clothing store Pure Detroit from selling t-shirts bearing the slogan, "Imported from Detroit." Chrysler asked for the injunction on the grounds that the public may be misled into thinking that the shirts came from Chrysler.

This round of legal squabbling is the latest in a series of trademark battles Chrysler has dealt with since it unveiled the slogan during the Super Bowl. Chrysler filed a lawsuit against Pure Detroit's parent company Moda Group, LLC on March 15.

According to Chrysler, Pure Detroit agreed on Feb. 24 to stop selling the shirts via its website, but hasn't stopped sending them to stores. Chrysler applied for two separate trademarks on the slogan, one for use on cars on November 23, and one for use on clothing on January 18. Pure Detroit says it plans to fight Chrysler's injunction.

[Source: The Detroit News]

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