Chrysler is very proud of its "Imported from Detroit" slogan that debuted during the Super Bowl to much fanfare. It's taken the necessary steps to protect the phrase, which includes applying for for the trademark rights as it pertains to both vehicles and clothing.
This was a wise move, because some enterprising folks have apparently already tried to cash in on the phrase. A company called Pure Detroit has started selling clothing with the tagline, while also claiming to be an exclusive clothing provider for the automaker.

Chrysler is not exactly thrilled with Pure Detroit, but according to The Detroit News, it initially attempted to solve the matter away from the court system. It asked Pure Detroit to stop using the phrase, and to send a portion of any proceeds received to charity. Pure Detroit has evidently decided to give Chrysler a Bronx Salute, leaving the automaker with no choice but to make this an official legal matter.

[Source: The Detroit News]

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