Study: Pontiac drivers mainly sticking with GM

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Of the 57,641 Pontiac owners who bought a new car in 2010, 53.3 percent of them stuck with a product from General Motors, according to a survey by RL Polk & Co. The hard numbers: 33.5 percent of Pontiac customers chose a Chevrolet, 11.7 chose a GMC, 6.7 went with Buick and the last 1.5 percent bought a Cadillac.

Within the rest of the Big Three, Ford had the best outing, grabbing 10.5 percent of former Pontiac owners. Dodge caught 3.2 percent and Chrysler and Jeep together totaled 1.7 percent of the share.

Large numbers of Pontiac owners who didn't buy another GM product went overseas, with 31 percent opting for an import. Toyota claimed 7.7 percent of Pontiac owners, while Honda netted 7.5. Nissan and Hyundai weren't far behind.

What the numbers show is that buyers who bought a Pontiac largely stuck with a big-name high-volume automaker when it came time for a new car. Even though some of the brands former Pontiac owners moved to are quite different than Pontiac was, they're almost all affordable, mass produced and supported by huge dealer networks.

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[Source: RL Polk via Kicking Tires]

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