Mog Music Coming To Mini

Until Spotify irons out its arrangements with U.S. record labels, audiophiles looking to access their music through the cloud are left with two options: Rdio and Mog. But the decision to choose Mog over its rivals just got a little easier – assuming you own a Mini.
According to the New York Times, on Monday, March 14th, Mog is set to announce a raft of new partnerships with LG, Samsung, Sonos and Vizio, and Mini will be included in the mix.

The service will allow Mog subscribers with the company's app installed on their smartphone to access thousands of artists directly through the factory head-unit, further eliminating the need to fiddle with your phone while on the go.

The Mog partnership is just the latest music innovation from Mini, who recently signed a deal with Pandora to bring the streaming service directly into its vehicles.

David Hyman, Mog's founder and former CEO of Gracenote, has plenty of experience in the field, working with Ford and Pioneer in the past.

You can check out Mog's service and aural selections at its website, and download the free iPhone or Android apps. However, if you're planning on porting your tunes to your Mini, be prepared to cough up $10 a month – $5 more than the standard PC-streaming service. And don't be surprised for Mini's parents at BMW to get in on the action later this year.

[Source: New York Times]

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