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Hyundai testing in-car payment system with Xevo

Move follows Ford, Jaguar and Chevrolet in-car digital wallets

The move follows Ford, Jaguar, and Chevrolet in-car digital wallets.

Spotify integrates itself into Waze (and vice-versa)

You can start Waze navigation from Spotify and access Spotify playlists within Waze.

Fire departments say mobile gas-filling services are illegal

In Silicon Valley and elsewhere, services are offering to fill your tank with gas while you're at home or work. But fire departments say it's illegal.

Waze vulnerability allows users to be tracked

UC Santa Barbara's student team created user-tracking "ghost cars."

Switching on the app's invisible mode shields the user from being seen until an update fixes the issue.

BMW moves car-sharing program from San Francisco to Seattle

BMW wants to ensure their products get driven, even if they are shared.

BMW has chosen Seattle to be the first city for its new ReachNow program, which is an overhauled version of the earlier DriveNow car sharing program available in San Francisco.

Sidecar co-founder leaves GM for Uber

Sidecar recently became part of GM. Not long after, Sidecar's co-founder Jahan Khanna left.

Inrix Traffic app uses AI to learn your driving habits

The company just completely redesigned its iOS and Android Traffic apps, adding machine learning features, calendar integration and more.

Lyft wants you to hail rides through Facebook Messenger

‚ÄčIf you happen to live in one of 11 launch cities, you can now use Facebook Messenger to ask for a ride.

Nissan disables Leaf app due to hacking concerns

After security threat, company suspends service.

Nissan has disabled an app used by thousands of Leaf owners after researchers discovered cyber vulnerabilities.

Voice control your Volvo with a $249 Microsoft Band 2 app

Volvo now has apps for iOS and Android covering a lot of these functions, but only the new On Call for Band 2 app allows for voice commands.

Waze gets extensive redesign but still needs work

Google owns Waze, and this redesign is certainly welcome. But the app itself needs a fundamental upgrade.

Avoid traffic dangers? There's an app for that

Signal Labs Aims To Give Drivers Intelligent Real-Time Safety Alerts

A Silicon Valley entrepreneur has created an app that culls information on traffic dangers and alerts drivers.

Submit Your Questions for Autoblog Podcast #403

Ford Invests $5B In Lincoln, McLaren 650S, Most Useful Driver Apps

We're set to record Autoblog Podcast #403 this evening. Check out the topics below or drop us your questions and comments via the Q&A module. And don't forget to subscribe to the Autoblog Podcast in iTunes if you haven't already done so. To take it all in live, tune in to our Dan Roth

New Algorithm Shuns Speed, Finds Most Beautiful Route Instead

Developers in Spain use crowdsourcing and online sources to find the scenic way

Mapping services like Mapquest are used to find the quickest route from point A to point B, regardless of the quality of the route. A team of researchers in Barcelona, Spain want to change that with a new algorithm designed to get users to their destination in the most pleasant way possible.

Drivers Want Simpler Infotainment Systems In Cars

Consumers say they want just music and navigation

There have been 173 apps developed and embedded in cars in the U.S in the recent past. But according to new research, drivers really only want two.

DriveSafe Google Glass App Helps Keep Drivers Awake At The Wheel

Our connected devices are typically viewed as the root of the distracted driving problem, but what if they became part of the solution? A new app for Google Glass seeks to do just that.

Our apps are helping us drive less

The next time you fume when you see the numbskull in the car next to you texting from behind the wheel, consider this: mobile-phone applications are actually causing people drive less and use public transportation more.

Crowdfunding Combat: Rideye Black Box Camera vs. RFLKT+ Smart Bike Computer

Ed. Crowdfunding Combat is a new recurring series on the TRANSLOGIC blog that profiles two active campaigns on crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and asks readers to vote on the idea they like best. The TRANSLOGIC blog staff does not endorse or contribute to the campaigns featured within the Crowdfunding Comba

SmileDrive Boosts Road Trip Fun: VW and Google Pair Bluetooth Style

New app enables sharing trip sights, sounds and facts

VW and Google's new SmileDrive app is a way to boost the social fun factor of road trips and everyday commuting, all while remaining safely undistracted by data the app logs as you motor along.

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