Watch This: BMW's Wherever You Want To Go, The Finale

With three episodes under its belt, BMW has released the final installment of Wherever You Want To Go, and "How We'll Learn to Stop Worrying and Love the Future" ties everything together, while asking a handful of important questions.

At the top of that list is whether we're ready to adopt new, more efficient means of transportation and what that's going to entail in our daily lives. The general consensus offered by Wired Editor-In-Chief Chris Anderson, ZipCar founder Robin Chase and a few other interviewees is that the best means of getting from point A to point B comes in a variety of shapes, and we've got to pick, choose and adapt to what fits the transportation task at hand. But what will we have to sacrifice in the process? And what about traditional enthusiasts? All those question and more are posed in the video below.

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