Turkish taxi of tomorrow design beats Nissan, Ford proposals among New Yorkers [w/video]

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The people of New York City have spoken, and they've found the taxi designs from both Ford and Nissan lacking. You may remember that the New York Taxi and Limousine Commission recently set about polling residents on which of a handful of taxi designs they preferred for the future of transportation in the city. Automakers from around the world submitted their designs for a cab that was safe, offered a small environmental impact, complied with Americans with Disabilities Act requirements and was physically smaller than the tried-and-true Crown Victoria. Well, the votes are officially in, and a cab from the Turkish company Karsan is the winner.

Around 66 percent of respondents either liked or loved the design of the Karsan V1, and that was enough to seal the vehicle's fate as the people's choice for the Taxi of Tomorrow. The V1 boasts a number of appealing unique features, including a panoramic glass roof and wheelchair ramps on both sides of the vehicle for easy access. It's also a hybrid, which means that cabbies can expect to save fuel in the future if the commission picks the V1 as the city's new cab, and it is easily adaptable to other fuel sources as needed, including diesel, natural gas or fully electric.

The city is likely to take the results of the survey into consideration as it makes a final decision later this year, though popularity with the public provides no guarantees that NYC cabbies will soon be talking Turkey. Check out a video detailing the finer points of the Karsan V1 New York City taxi concept after the break.

Karsan V1 New York City Taxi concept
Karsan V1 New York City Taxi concept
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