Ford wants to match fuel efficiency of VW's Bluemotion vehicles

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Volkswagen's Bluemotion range of vehicles features numerous eco tweaks applied to enhance fuel economy. The umbrella term "Bluemotion Technology," which is seen in the branding of the Golf Blue-e-motion Bluemotion Passat and more, is VW speak for vehicles that "combine efficiency with comfort and refinement to create cars that deliver greater economy and fewer emissions, yet which remain conventional to drive, service and maintain." Many Bluemotion vehicles stand out among the pack due to their best-in-class fuel economy figures.

One company's best-in-class is another company's target, so it's no surprise that Ford has announced that it intends to develop vehicles that match the fuel-sipping abilities of the Bluemotion lineup. According to Ford's global product boss, Derek Kuzak, the key to achieving frugality is attention to every last detail. Ford will focus on reducing vehicle weight, lowering rolling resistance, improving aerodynamics and tweaking engines in an attempt to match VW's ultra-efficient Bluemotion vehicles such as the Polo, a car that features a 1.2-liter engine, stop-start technology and regenerative braking. The VW Polo Bluemotion emits a mere 87 grams per kilometer of CO2 and returns an astounding 85.6 miles per gallon (71.3 mpg U.S.). Let's see Ford match that!

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