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Ford to cut 12,000 jobs in European restructuring

Toll from shutting down plants to 'significantly improve' finances there

Toll from shutting down plants to 'significantly improve' finances there.

Ford plans to cut 1,150 jobs in Britain, says Union

It's part of a reorganization effort in Europe

It's part of a reorganization effort in Europe.

Ford Europe to slash thousands of jobs in turnaround plan

Here's the struggling division's plan, with Brexit still a wild card

Here's the struggling division's plan, with Brexit still a wild card.

Ford Europe uses ‘Robobutt’ to tackle problem of sweaty butts

Over three days, a soaked dummy bottom sits and fidgets 7,500 times

Over three days, a soaked dummy bottom sits and fidgets 7,500 times.

Spy Shots
Ford Fiesta-based crossover prototype spied testing in Europe

It could be a Fiesta Active or a replacement for the EcoSport

It could be a Fiesta Active or a replacement for the EcoSport.

Meet the man with 6,000 Ford Transit vans

Because everybody's gotta have a hobby, right?

It's safe to say that this guy is the Transit van's biggest fan.

Ford's new robots can build cars, make coffee

Three-foot-tall helpers could change how assembly lines work.

This new robotic technology could be a big help to assembly workers and offer more design freedom.

First 500 European Ford Mustangs reserved in 30 seconds [w/video]

We're pretty sure that any initial concerns Ford had about selling the redesigned Mustang in Europe have been lessened considerably, after the first 500 Euro-spec 2015 Mustangs were been reserved in just 30 seconds. Moreover, 9,300 people attempted to snag one of the coveted orders for the all-new muscle car. Yes, Mustang, you sh

Ford posts decade-best $2.1B profit in Q1 2013

As predicted, Ford has reported that its first quarter of 2013 was a resounding success overall, with a pretax profit of $2.1 billion ($0.41 per share), and a net income of $1.6 billion ($0.40 per share). In fact, Ford made a pretax profit of some $2.4 billion in its home North American market, with that total number being pulled down by losses in South Ame

Transit Courier completes Ford's new commercial van line, will we get it?

This week Ford rolled out the 2014 Transit Courier, the fourth addition to its Transit range. Ford says its the first time for the nameplate in the compact van segment.

Ford nets $5.7B in 2012, $1.6B in fourth quarter

Ford brought in $5.7 billion in net income during 2012, which is around $307 million less than one year prior. Even so, the automaker closed out 2012 with the highest pre-tax profit for a single quarter in nearly 10 years, earning $1.7 billion in the fourth quarter thanks largely to a higher-than-average truck mix in the US. That's a jump of $577 million over 2011. Likewise, that translated into fourth quarter income of $1.6 billion. All told, Ford se

Ford closing two more plants in Europe, cutting 6,200 jobs

Automotive News Europe reports that Ford is set to close two more facilities in Europe as it braces for losses in excess of $1.5 billion in the region. The move will see Ford reduce its production capacity by around 355,000 vehicles and slash its workforce by 6,500 employees. The automaker says it will close both the Southhampton and Dagenham, UK facilities next year. Those plants will mark the

Ford announces plan to close Belgian plant, restructure European manufacturing

The latest development in this ongoing saga that is the European economic crunch is word that Ford will shutter production of its Genk Assembly Plant in Belgium, eliminating some 4,300 positions. Ford could potentially reduce costs by $300 to $500 million annually as a resulting of closing the production facility. The Genk plant currently produces the Mondeo, George Kennedy

Ford Europe goes further with American vehicles

Just weeks before the Paris Motor Show, Ford Motor Co. has taken the wraps off of much of its new lineup for Europe in an effort to shore up its efforts for European dealers. The webcast press conference from Amsterdam ended with the official announcement that the Dearborn, Michigan-based car maker will officially make the Mustang available for Autobahn runs a

Ford debuts familiar all-new Mondeo, shows wagon version [w/poll]

Ford showed the world its all-new Mondeo in Amsterdam today, alerting Europeans that a new "flagship" for the Blue Oval brand has arrived. The new Ford, a lookalike of the Fusion model available here in the United States, makes its European debut with flavors of powertrain and body style that will be unique to its target market.

Ford Mustang headed to Europe

We've known for sometime now that Europeans love the Ford Mustang. Gray market importers have made plenty of cash by shipping the ponies from the United States to the EU for years, but now it looks as if buyers will be able to sink their teeth into brand-new, factory-perfect examples of the next-generation Mustang straight from

Ford expands European design center

It's a big week for buildings: after the announcement of Lamborghini's prototype center, not only is Ford not pulling out of Europe, it has spent €11.6 million ($14.3M U.S.) to expand its design center in Germany. The 3,000 square-meter architectural addition to the location char

Should GM and Ford give up on selling cars in Europe?

The economic turmoil, lack of consumer confidence and howls for "More austerity!" in Europe have delivered a UFC-like beating to every automaker's books. And with some analysts still wondering if the current euro zone will even survive, it is obvious that it won't be over soon. But is that a reason for both General Motors and Ford to stop doing business on the continent, as Automotive News Editor-in-Ch

Ford watching Europe's reaction to Mustang in new ads

Ford doesn't sell its Mustang in Europe, but that hasn't stopped fans from the UK to Poland from figuring out ways to procure one. The Mustang is playing a part in Ford's "Go Further" ad campaign – which showcases the global po

New Ford Fiesta ECOnetic gets 71 mpg in Europe

Ford of Europe has started making a version of the Fiesta compact that the company says gets 71 miles per gallon on the forgiving European driving cycle, making the new Fiesta Ford's "most frugal car ever."

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