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VW Passat BlueMotion Concept gets strong mpg with two cylinders tied behind its back

Cylinder deactivation is pretty easy to understand in, say, a V8 or V12, where not all the pistons need to be firing all the time. But cylinder deactivation on a four-cylinder engine? That's something new, and precisely what Volkswagen has in store for us at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show.

Volkswagen Golf BlueMotion Concept boasts 73.5 MPG of eco-minded fury

In addition to the seventh-generation production-ready Golf being shown here in Paris, Volkswagen is using the French expo to tout the great strides it has made with diesel efficiency, best represented here with the Golf BlueMotion Concept. The swan song of this oil-burning Golf? Seventy-three and a half miles per gallon.

VW promises 25% cleaner manufacturing around the world by 2018

When we visited Volkswagen's manufacturing plant in Chattanooga, TN a while back, we were told it would be model for other company plants around the world. That's just what an announcement today puts into effect.

Volkswagen prices 2012 Up! city car from $12,434 in UK

The price of entry for the 2012 Volkswagen Up! is £7,995 ($12,434 U.S. at today's exchange rate) over in the UK and the order books are wide open.

Volkswagen to launch 68.9 mpg Passat BlueMotion in Europe

Over in Europe, Volkswagen has officially launched the BlueMotion version of its latest Passat. Rated at 68.9 miles per gallon (57.4 mpg U.S.) on the highway, the Passat BlueMotion is set to become one of Europe's most fuel-frugal four-door sedans.

VW sets single-tank distance record with 1,527-mile Passat BlueMotion

What's the most you've ever gotten out of a single tank of gas? 400 miles? Maybe 600 miles if you're under diesel power? Volkswagen wanted to put its Passat BlueMotion to the test and see just how many miles it can cover on one tank. A team from the UK's Sunday Times set off from Kent, England with a full tank of diesel – then drove to the south of France and back.

New York 2010: VW BlueMotion brand wins 2010 World Green Car

2010 World Green Car of the Year – Click above for high-res image gallery

Final three World Car of the Year finalists announced, including Toyota Prius

The votes from 59 international journalists have been counted and the finalists for World Car of the Year have been named. The Detroit News is reporting that the Toyota Prius, Volkswagen Polo and the Mercedes-Benz E-Class ha

Final three World Car of the Year finalists announced

The votes from 59 international journalists have been counted and the finalists for World Car of the Year have been named. The Detroit News is reporting that the Toyota Prius, Volkswagen Polo and the Mercedes-Benz E-Cla

VW asks us to "Think Blue" now that we're done with "Think Small"

For years, European automakers (mostly) have used the color blue to identify their eco-friendly vehicles and initiatives, forgoing the green emphasis on this side of the pond. We have Hyundai's Blue-Will, Sebastian Blanco

Volkswagen to introduce Eos BlueMotion with gas engine?

Volkswagen has launched its first gasoline-powered Bluemotion model in the UK with the Eos 1.4-liter TSI. Bluemotion is VW's badging for its line of low emissions technologies and, until now, has always been applied to diesel models. Going forward, Bluemotion will represent a range of technologies to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. The Eos Bluemotion will reportedly be powered by a 1

Volkswagen launches 28 mpg (U.S.) Touareg TDI BlueMotion in Europe

Over the past couple of years, Volkswagen has been introducing low CO2-emitting variants of several of its mainstream car models under the BlueMotion banner. The latest addition to that lineup is the big Touareg SUV which is getting some tweaks to reduce its fuel consumption. Like its smaller siblings, the Touareg gets low rolling resistance tires and revised final drive ratio to lower engine revs. Aerodynamic drag is reduce

REPORT: VW logs 13,000 orders for new Polo ahead of launch

2010 Volkswagen Polo: Click above for a high res-gallery

VW decides BlueMotion fits gasoline cars as well, especially Passat 1.4 TSI

Volkswagen just announced that the green badge applied to its high-mpg diesel models will also be used for a gasoline model. The Passat 1.4 TSI will get the BlueMotion badge, a move that should help the car sell in markets where low CO2 emissions matter, tax-wise, like France or the Netherlands. The BlueMotion Passat gets a gearbox with higher gear rations, a chassis thats been dropped 15 mm, a fully enclosed underbody, a closed grille and a weight reduction of 30 kg. The car not onl

BlueMotion arrives in Brazil and gets local (ethanol) flavor

As you know, blue is the new green, at least marketing-wise. Therefore, Volkswagen has decided to offer the BlueMotion badge in Brazil, albeit adapted to the homegrown fuel from the South American continent: the Brazilian BlueMotion bagde vehicles will be powered by ethanol. BlueMotion will be an option for the Fox (pictured above), Gol and Polo models. Not much information has been released yet, although the models are currently being shown at the São Paulo Motor Show. We know that the B

The Seat Ibiza Ecomotive wins the Eco Tour 2008

The EcoTour was a 7-day tour through nine European countries with 42 of the most fuel-efficient cars. The tour started 12 September in Barcelona, Spain, and finished 19 September in The Hague in the Netherlands. The target was burning the least fuel possible during the seven days. There were two winners for each day: one absolute, and one for each category, as well as a final global winner: The Seat Ibiza Ecomotive, which averaged fuel consumption of 3.80 l/100 km (61.90mpg U.S.), and was driven

VW shows off 74 mpg Golf BlueMotion Concept

Click above for high-res shots of the Golf BlueMotion Concept

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