GMC Sierra All Terrain HD Concept being considered for production

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We've already crawled all over the GMC Sierra All Terrain HD Concept at the Detroit Auto Show, and Mike Levine from took an extensive look at the interior and exterior with designer Carl Zipfel. The questions we really wanted to get answered were, of course, "Are you going to build it? And if not, can we build it?"
  • As to whether GMC is considering bringing it to market – built on a GMC line or by a partner firm – Zipfel suggested that the company is considering the possibilities. However, right now it remains a concept only and there are no plans to build it.
  • In its favor is that Zipfel's team started with a production truck. "It's the best of the Duramax HD with more off-roading capability," he said, "built with an existing Duramax diesel and existing supplier connections."
  • When asked if a customer could build it, Zipfel said an HD owner could replicate "everything but the lights." You can't get the 5'8" bed on the 2500 Duramax HD, and widening the track by four inches would be a slightly lesser challenge. Otherwise, the chassis wasn't chopped to create the shortened front end, and Zipfeld said, "We think we're in striking distance for crash testing if GMC decided to build it."
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  • As to where it fits on the Raptor/Ram Runner/Power Wagon depth chart, it's two inches shorter than the Raptor and seven inches shorter than the Power Wagon. Zipfel said, "We asked what are the voids, and we came up with an HD chassis and power, tire size, suspension and suspension geometry. The Raptor is a pre-runner and a 1500 series, and the suspension geometry of a pre-runner is a bit different for higher speeds. The Ram Runer is also the prerunner formula." He feels the Power Wagon is closest, but it only offers a gas engine, whereas for the GMC Concept "part of the key ingredients is the diesel for towing and hauling, pulling a trailer." The secondary jounce shock system, designed with Fox Racing and Light Racing, "is different than what's on the Raptor and works well with a heavy duty truck."
  • If not the truck, what you will be able to get in a couple of years are its hue and exterior trim finish. Said creative designer Gulya Kuldjanov, "The color is Iridium Metallic and it will be offered as a GMC exclusive color in a couple of years, and the dark anodized satin finish" around the windows.
  • To those wondering about the any production plans for the GMC Granite Concept from last year's show, GMC communications rep Kelly Cusinato said "There's nothing new to add on the Granite Concept."

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