Video: Danny Thompson's 265-mph Mustang crash from inside the car

Danny Thompson crashes at 260 miles per hour – Click above to watch video after the jump

Danny Thompson, the son of Mickey Thompson, has a need for speed that's satiated when he hits the salt flats in his 1,300-horsepower Ford Mustang. Thompson had previously recorded a top speed of 252 miles per hour but recently headed back to the flat lands for an attempt at the 300-mph mark. Problems arose as Danny passed 260 mph. The car began to lift and then left the ground at approximately 264.7 mph. Danny and his Mustang traveled 1,100 feet before returning to the salt and the car tumbled further before coming to a stop.

Amazingly, and a testament to just how good proper safety equipment is, Danny escaped from the wreck with no injuries. He didn't have minor injuries, scratches or bruises... he was completely unharmed. Well, maybe physically, as a wreck like that can probably keep you awake at night for a few months. Also unharmed? The iPhone 4 sitting in his front pocket.

The in-car crash footage is waiting for you after the jump.

UPDATE: SPEED has published a thorough account of Danny Thompson's crash and his experience at the salt flats this year. Check it out here.

[Source: YouTube]

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