Plenty of us that grew up around a drag strip know the name Mickey Thompson, but fewer of us realize that the guy was more than a name on the sidewall of some seriously sticky rubber. He was also responsible for setting plenty of land-speed records in his day, including being the first guy to break the 400 mph barrier on the salt. His son, Danny Thompson, is no slouch behind the wheel, either. Last year, the younger Thompson managed to set the fastest land speed for any Ford Mustang. With a supercharged 5.4-liter V8 swilling down E85, the Thompson clicked off 252 mph, and this year, he's going back for more.

Danny Thompson will attempt to waltz past the 300 mph barrier with another Mustang owned by Brent Hojek. This car, like the last, will run off of E85, but will pack somewhere close to 1,300 horsepower. The new pony also wears soy-based carbon-fiber body work and unique soy-based yellow paint in an attempt to ecologically justify a supercharged V8. Hey, we aren't complaining. Head over to Stang TV for a closer look at the blown 5.4-liter.

[Source: Stang TV]

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