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Supercars? Check. High-end sport-ute? On its way. F1 team? Been there. Le Mans program? Done that. Picking up the pieces of a fallen giant to take up position as an automaker to be reckoned with? Come on, something new here. Spyker's paid its dues and earned its place in the automotive industry. There's just one thing it needs: watches. Because after all, what's an exotic automaker without 'em?

Faint sarcasm aside, Spyker's line of timepieces looks better than most. Previewed back in April and unveiled at Le Mans this year, the Dutch automaker's range of wristwatches incorporate the special touches that make their cars so delectable. Details like a bezel emblazoned with the same corporate Latin motto that adorns their cars: Nulla Tenaci Invia Est Via – For the tenacious, no road is impassable. (Has a nice ring to it, don't it?) The crown is adorned with the company's propeller badge. The chronograph push-buttons look like a C8's exhaust pipes. And the strap is made from the same quilter Royal Dutch Hulshof leather, hand-stitched in France, as the cars' interior, available in Dutch Orange, Black Anthracite or Blanc de Blanc.

They're crafted by Switzerland's Expression d'Artistes International, the Spyker wristwatches are powered by Valijoux 7750 automatic movements. And of course they come with a suitably Spyker-like price tag, ranging from $9,750 to $30,500. Hey, nobody said resuscitating Saab would be cheap, let alone all the other stuff. Details in the press release after the jump and photos in the gallery below.

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  • Limited edition Spyker Timepieces collection celebrates Dutch supercar brand's 24 Hours of Le Mans participation
  • Exclusive and hand-crafted in Geneva, Switzerland, these automatic, mechanical chronographs feature exquisite Spyker design details
  • Available from US$ 9,750 / € 7,500 to US$ 30,500 / € 23,500, depending on model and finish

Zeewolde, The Netherlands (20 October 2010) – A limited edition Spyker timepiece represents the perfect Christmas gift for discerning motoring and watch enthusiasts. Launched at this year's 24 Hours of Le Mans to celebrate the exclusive supercar brand's participation in the world-renowned motor racing challenge, the Spyker Timepieces collection is breathtakingly adorned with exquisite design details that echo the styling features of Spyker's luxury supercars.

Designed and engineered by renowned watch and luxury goods expert, Thierry Chaunu of Expression D'Artistes International S.A., the Spyker-branded chronographs are available in solid 18K grey or rose gold finishes, each of which is limited to a run of 250, or in polished steel or matt black titanium finishes, each of which is limited to a run of 1000 each. The quilted leather bracelets, available in Dutch Spyker Orange, Black Anthracite or Blanc de Blanc white, are hand-stitched in France using Royal Dutch Hulshof leather, the very same as the hides that are specified for Spyker's supercar interiors.

As you'd expect from a timepiece entirely manufactured in Geneva by the very best watchmakers and craftsmen, each boasts meticulous and precise detailing. The bezel carries Spyker's timeless Latin motto: NULLA TENACI INVIA EST VIA – 'For the tenacious no road is impassable' – while the crownreplicates the Dutch brand's wire-spoke and propeller bonnet badge. The chronographs' pushbuttons mimic Spyker exhaust pipes, while the steel "bouchonné" dial – complete with gauges indicating hours, minutes, seconds, and 42-hour power reserve – replicates the turned aluminium finish of the luxury supercar's dashboard. Even the Valjoux caliber 7750 automatic mechanical movement sports a rotor that is inspired by the design of the Spyker C8 Aileron's Rotorblade wheels. These exclusive watches are water resistant to 100 metres and are individually numbered.

The Spyker Timepieces collection is available online atwww.SpykerTime.com and at carefully selected watch retailers as well as a small number of Spyker-sponsored car owners' events, with prices ranging from US$ 9,750 / € 7,500 to US$30,500 / € 23,500.

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