AutoTrader Classics unveils Fireball Tim's 1951 Chevy 3100 "Redster" ahead of SEMA

The Redster by Fireball Tim Lawrence – Click above for high-res image gallery

Any time Hollywood's current go-to car guy, Fireball Tim Lawrence, is involved in a project, you know it's going to be a rolling masterpiece. So when AutoTrader Classic invited us to see Fireball's latest creation ahead of its public debut at the SEMA show in November, we jumped at the chance. Make the jump for yourself to get up close and personal with The Redster.

Photos copyright ©2010 Frank Filipponio / AOL

When we arrived at the premier, we were surprised to find so many stars in attendance. In fact, we'd say there was a better turnout at Cinema Vehicle Services than the weekend's other big Hollywood shindig, the Emmy's. But to be fair, we're a bit biased, and the stars at Tim's party were of the four-wheeled variety, not the well-heeled type from Variety ( Frank will be here all week, ladies and germs, tip your waitresses – Ed.).

The guest list included the following A-listers.

The featured vehicle was a 1951 Chevrolet 3100 dubbed the Redster. From 10 feet away it looked like a nice but underwhelming restoration. As we got closer, however, the Redster's secrets were revealed. Subtle, ghosted AutoTrader Classic logos abound, joined by pinstriping courtesy of Jeff Styles and gigantic Kurv Wheels wrapped in Kumho rubber band tires on the outside. But the real surprise was under the hood.

While the Redster is powered by a fairly conventional, hot-rodded, small-block Chevy V8 assisted by a Nano Nitrous setup, it's the HH2 Hydrolectric Systems low pressure hydrogen induction system that's the primary party piece. For a very low investment, HH2 claims significantly improved fuel economy and emissions. At least those were the claims plastered all over the two other cars they brought along to show off the technology.

Knowing that Sony was involved in the project, we weren't surprised by the final revelation about the Redster: At the touch of a button, the pickup's hard bed-cover rose and five Sony Vaio touchscreen displays unfolded, creating an interactive kiosk for folks to surf the AutoTrader Classic website or to learn more about the other project sponsors. One of the screens was playing the four-episode mini-series documenting the build of the vehicle, which will be airing on TV or at the Fireball Tim website in the near future. But for now you can see our own high-res gallery of the Redster and friends by checking out the gallery below.

Photos copyright ©2010 Frank Filipponio / AOL

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