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How many prototypes Lotus builds of the Evora 414E will depend on whether it gets money from the British government's Technology Strategy Board. The TSB funds and supports forays into a broad range of initiatives, including working with Peugeot on fuel cells and Ford on electric vehicles. Lotus, in partnership with three other companies, created the 47-horsepower range-extending engine in the Evora 414E as part of a winning project for the TSB's Limo-Green initiative.

Reports indicate that Lotus awaits a £23 million ($35.5M U.S.) disbursement for that project and another, part of which will go to fund development of the 407-horsepower concept car. If it gets the money it will be able to build two cars, otherwise there will only be one. That's good because this sounds more like a matter of timeline and not a risk to the project itself – the possibilities of Lotus adding its expertise to the pool of electric-car engineering is too good to let die.

[Source: Autocar]

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