Remember Spain's big electric vehicle (EV) plans these past few years? BYD, Renault-Nissan and Think made announcements that they'd bring their EVs to the country and Seville announced a recharging network. It all made sense, after all, since sales of big, dirty SUVs had been going downhill in the past few years. All told, Spain was officially gearing up to have one million electric and hybrid cars on the roads by 2014 and announced a sales target of 2,000 plug-in vehicles by the end of 2010. According to Yahoo!, there still just a few units to go to reach that goal.

Numbers from the government-backed REVE electric car and wind power project show that only 16 electric cars have been sold in Spain thus far, all Think Citys. At least that's more than 2009, when just one EV was sold. REVE's response (via Google Translate) was:
The poor sales of electric cars in just 16 so far this year is not a significant fact. The long journey always begins with a first step.
But can we trust REVE? In another part of the announcement, it says (again, translated):
Peugeot, a pioneer brand in the field of electric cars, remains to this day and with 106, manufactured between 1995 and 2003, the builder who has sold more electric cars worldwide (the original reads: Peugeot, marca pionera en el campo de los automóviles eléctricos, sigue siendo, a día de hoy y con el 106, fabricado entre 1995 y 2003, el constructor que más coches eléctricos ha vendido en todo el mundo).
We're pretty sure there are other companies (GEM, Tesla) that have sold more than 106 electric vehicles. Apparently, not many of them were in Spain. Thanks to Roy B. for the tip!

[Source: Yahoo!]

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