SUV sales nosedrive in Spain

Spain was one of the first countries to make its car tax system to make it dependent on CO2 emission levels. This tax is not reflected in the lifecycle of the vehicle, as it's only paid at purchase time (it's called "impuesto de matriculación", which translates as "plate number tax"). We can now see the results of this emissions-based tax.

Overall, vehicle sales in Spain were up by 0.7 percent compared to February '07, although rent-a-car companies bought 81.5 percent more vehicles. The most dramatic change in sales can be found in the SUV market. Spaniards bought 21 percent fewer SUVs in February '08 than in February '07. SUV sales had been increasing more than any other segment during the previous years. German brands have obtained the worst results: Audi, Mercedes and Porsche sales dropped by 41.5, 21.7 and 42 percent compared to February '07. The best selling car in Spain is still the Renault Mégane (pictured above).

According to ANFAC, the Spanish association of car manufacturers, the reason for the downturn in SUV sales is due to Spain's slowing economy.

[Source: Autoblog en Español and El Mundo (h/t to Karl-Uwe for the tip)]

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