Spain's fourth largest city is getting 75 public electric vehicle recharging stations throughout the city this year. Spain's ambitious program of introducing EVs, hybrid and plug-in cars (a million units for 2012) is promoting the new network under the Movele program. Seville is getting recharging stations in the most used parking lots in the city, as well as at the airport, city hall offices and other official buildings. The plan includes 500 electric cars, which will be allocated not only to public institutions but for private users as well. It's expected that each simple recharging post will cost €1,000. Smart units, costing €5,000 each, will also be tested. The latter will allow recharging of any type of electric vehicle using a prepayment card. Additionally, the program includes three 24-hour mechanics posts ready to fix any issue with batteries or electric motors. The picture shows a recharging post in Lisbon, Portugal.
[Source: Econoticias]

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