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It's been a long while since we first heard about the HumanCar, a vehicle powered by electricity and human rowing power, but some things just take longer than others. The design has come a long way since that 2006 post and the latest news is that the model you see above, called the Imagine PS, was recently taken out for a test drive. We've got the video to prove it after the jump.

Professor Charles Samuel Greenwood, the inventor of the HumanCar, went for a drive in the $15,500 street-legal, low-mass vehicle with his son Chuck. The car took on "several" hills (with four to six percent grades) at 30 miles per hour using power from both the driver and the battery pack.

Even though development of the Imagine PS is slow-moving, Chuck told AutoblogGreen the team has more ideas in the pipes:
We have a new sedan coming out - it's a big deal. Many significant items - for now the Imagine PS is rocking way more than we hoped for. It's fast and it corners crisp and clean.
You can see the test drive video after the jump and learn more about the HumanCar here.

[Source: HumanCar]

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