HumanCar is about as green as walking, but faster

Pedal-powered four-wheeled vehicles are nothing new. I used to ride around in a little go-cart thing when my family vacationed in Germany. But we rented the vehicles as a way to have fun, not for serious transportation. The HumanCar Company has updated the concept by giving the purely pedal-driven vehicles an electric motor and updated ergonomics. The company says that the "geometry prototype", has been "so successful that no changes have been required. Several downhill time trial runs have had the car above 60+mph with incredible handling and BodySteer® characteristics. The steel tube space frame chassis features a bi-lateral human power interface and front passenger body-steering capabilities." One neat feature is that the HumanCar is steered by "body angulation of the two front operators".

The HumanCar Company is taking two marketing tracks to promote the car. First, they say it's a street-legal low-speed vehicle suitable for transportation. Second, it's a way for corporate groups to build teamwork and has been put into practice at Intel and the U.S. Army.

EDIT: actually, this vehicle isn't pedal-powered. My bad.

[Source: HumanCar]

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