HumanCar coming in April with a $15,000 price tag

The HumanCar just might be an eco-loving carpooler's dream come true. Four seats and four rowing handles (for human-powered battery charging). The unique human-powered/electric hybrid vehicle will be available this coming Earth Day for a paltry $15,000.

I say this vehicle might be a dream come true because it's a little difficult to actually understand what this vehicle is. Look at the way the company describes the HumanCar:

Fine Print: Base price $15k of Imagine™ LMV exotic super-human hybrid electric vehicle with BodySteer™ chassis..: Above concept "ideations" of Imagine™ by Mr. Stephen Brand. All elements subject to change. Earth Day 2008 Roll Out. The Imagine™ LMV will rock the world. Get involved. Imagine™ Electric Hybrid Pre-Order Information - The HumanCar® Imagine™ features an exoskeletal safety cage chassis, dual electric motors, variable human power input, Body-Steering™ patented chassis and SyncGuideway™ compatibility as standard equipment. It retails for $15k base.

Huh? "Ideations"? Trademarking the word "Imagine"? Is all this is too clear for you, feel free to download a confusingly-laid-out PDF brochure about the HumanCar. Somehow, this 30-mph top speed HumanCar made Wired's list of fast green cars. The company does call this thing a "hot rod," after all. It seems, though, that what gets hot is you as you help propel the LMV (Low Mass Vehicle) HumanCar around town. All sorts of biometrics equipment is an option. Just read this:

OPTIONS: Navigation and communications system features voice operated T2S2T (text 2 speech 2 text) Internet functionality. Plug-in w/ your iPod "blast-zone" stereo Stay hooked-up. Integrated H-chat to VOX Communications system to live feed audio/video chat to other H-chat groups and individuals. You know where the party is. Always. RFID locator AWD optional Full graphics kit compliment. Just like your dirt bike. Mad cup holders, A/C, heater, blower, standard. Biometrics- Temps., bpm, calorie and physiological systems monitors. Feedback. Full power capsule, windows, locks, mirrors and wipers. Launch Mode. Full-Lockout and burn-out feature.

Obviously, that image above is not the final deal. Where would the wipers go? I suppose we'll find out more before April.

[Source: HumanCar via Treehugger]

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