What an impact a little sign can make. Earlier this year, Think announced it would soon begin building the all-electric City car in Elkhart, IN. Since then, excitement has been high, with everyone from state governor Mitch Daniels to potential local workers keeping an eye on the location. All this attention meant that, when a little "Available" sign went up the other day – and given that the site is listed for sale online – people got a little worried that the Norwegian company's plan to make the electric cars here in the U.S. would be set back. Turns out, the worries were unfounded.

Think's Jon Harmon told AutoblogGreen:
No, the plan is the same and we're on track. We are finalizing the lease with the building owner after all the necessary environmental assessment, etc. work that had to be done. The building ownership changed and for a while the new owner had put up an "Available" sign as we worked to complete negotiations just like some realtors will keep up a For Sale sign with a pending offer on the table. But we asked them to take the sign down and they have done so. It won't be long now until there is daily activity at the plant as we begin to ready it for production. It's too bad this caused any uncertainty in the area. We know people are anxious to see jobs return and will be proud of the Think City cars built in Indiana-we're certainly excited about that, too!
The local paper also discovered that Think's Indiana plans are still on-target. There are a lot of ups and downs in the electric car world, but this doesn't seem to be anything to worry about right now. Thanks to Think Fan for the tip!

[Source: Think, eTruth]

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