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Two stinking electric vehicles. That's what Elkhart, IN, has to show for the trio of electric-vehicle makers that were going to create thousands of jobs in town during the past decade but ultimately went bust, the Elkhart Truth reports. Of course, the real "truth" is a little more complicated than that.

"So about those free cars you donated to us..."

Remember when the U.S. capital of RV production, Elkhart, IN was going to escape the doldrums that the decline of the motor home industry brought on by shifting over to building electric cars? Not so fast. As NPR reports, rising demand for RVs has helped boost employment in Elkhart, IN, while the number of workers at the factory building Think electric vehicles has dwindled to just two.

What an impact a little sign can make. Earlier this year, Think announced it would soon begin building the all-electric City car in Elkhart, IN. Since then, excitement has been high, with everyone from state governor Mitch Daniels to potential local workers keeping an eye on the location. All this attention meant that, when a little "Available" sign went up the other day – and given that the site is listed for sale online – people got a little worried that the Norwegian company's pla

Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels (left) and Think CEO Richard Canny – Click above to enlarge

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