It's no secret that the Mini name doesn't exactly mean what it used to. While just about every car currently available has grown in size over the years, there's just no getting around the fact that the new Mini is a full size larger than the original. And each new model that comes from the German owned and British born brand is a wee bit larger.
With that in mind, might Mini branch further out into the people moving category? The boys at Inside Line think it's possible, and they've penned a rendering to show what such a Mini minivan might look like. Based on the upcoming Countryman's chassis, the minivan would gain a few inches in wheelbase to allow for a larger cargo area for its five passengers.

If we do ever see a mini MPV from Mini (confusing, no?), it won't be for a couple more years. After all, with the aforementioned Countryman on the way, followed closely by production versions of the Coupe and Roadster concepts, Mini has its hands rather full. In any case, a nice little fuel efficient people mover with some style seems like a good idea for today's marketplace.

[Source: Inside Line]

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