The original British Mini is something of an icon all around the world, and with good reason. The little runabout combined such praiseworthy virtues as small size and light weight, incredibly efficient front-wheel-drive packaging and a good dose of fun-to-drive enjoyment all in one relatively inexpensive machine that also managed to look pretty darn good.
So small was the seminal design from Sir Alec Issigonis that it was given the name Mini by its makers, the British Motor Corporation. So, when the marque was picked up by BMW when it acquired the ailing Rover brand, you'd expect that the next-gen Mini would also be... well, mini. And it is, sort of.

When parked next to nearly any modern car this side of a Smart Fortwo, the modern Mini is indeed pretty darn small. Each successive vehicle from the reborn brand, though, has upped the size ante just a wee bit, from the Cooper to the Clubman to the not-yet-released Countryman. And when you park a Countryman next to the original 1959 Morris Mini Minor, as was recently done by the fine chaps at Auto Express, the size disparity is blatantly obvious. See for yourself.

[Source: Auto Express]

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