Earlier this week, a Dutch auto dealer plastered the Dodge – rather, Ram – logo on a Fiat 500. It looked pretty bad. Now, Fiat USA is offering Yanks a chance to choose a more conventional logo for the cute little bugger, and thankfully, the mountain mammal doesn't factor into the equation.

Elsewhere, the 500 logo is the horizontally-split numerical graphic at the top. Your job is to let Fiat know which of the five supplementary graphics you think should grace the car. Whether Fiat plans on listening to any of you or using your majority choice anywhere remains to be seen, but as long as it isn't number three then we'll have fun playing. And as Mr. Letterman would advise, please, no wagering. Hop on over to Fiat USA's Facebook page and cast your vote. Top tip, Robert M!

[Source: Fiat USA on Facebook]

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