Fiat/Dodge 500 – Click above to watch video after the jump

First, it's worth mentioning that when the Fiat 500 finally hits American shores, chances are it won't be wearing a Dodge logo on the hood. As far as we know, the sub-compact will arrive sporting the same badges it wears in Europe. However, that hasn't stopped an enterprising Jeep/Dodge dealership in the Neatherlands Netherlands (Thanks, everyone!) from slathering one very confused Cinquecento in Dodge logos and using it as a loaner. We aren't quite sure what the package is supposed to do other than provide free advertising for the dealer and disorient onlookers, but we've got to admire the dealer's go get 'em attitude.

Aside from the smattering of vinyl decals, Middlebeek Dodge has also gone so far as to swap the 500's badges for the infamous Dodge Ram and a mysterious question mark. Feel free to hop the jump for a quick walk around of the car in the flesh. Be warned: we won't be held responsible for any dizziness or nausea that may occur.

[Source: YouTube]

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